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The down jacket, the success of the year 2015 despite the mild weather

The development of two-wheeled travel has also contributed to the democratization of the parka to the city at the expense of the coat, or even by the generally shorter, less covering and not necessarily waterproof jacket.
Since a few winters, the attractiveness of Canada Goose has amplified the phenomenon and pushed other brands that specialize, such as Stone Island, or Eagle, to recenter. "Aircraft decided to bet canada goose langford sale heavily on the parka, our iconic product, and to work way more upscale on this autumn-winter well before that designers are addressing the issue, says Gideon Day, artistic director of the Eagle brand that develops its collections on cycles longer than creators.
Our models are known for their technicality. City dwellers like put them over their costume to protect themselves from the cold, rain, wind but this is not a reason to not treat its allure. We have developed the most adjusted canada goose langford cuts and used new fabrics with hidden performance, because ours are, also, before any brought to the city."

Fashion, an eternal restarting... Thirty years after the famous red jacket sleeveless of Marty McFly in "Back to the future" movie, the down jacket (and its derivatives) is back from 2014 on the front of fashion, especially women. According to the latest figures of the French Federation of women's ready-to-wear canada goose langford parka (FFPAPF), the number of down jackets, parkas and other jackets for women sold in 2014 jumped by 30.9%. And this despite a year particularly unfavourable in terms of weather since 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded.